About Me

tau-bgI have always had an interest in arts and music since my childhood years thanks largely to my family who have always been involved in both. Throughout high school and my Medical school years in Papua New Guinea, I was involved in reporting or drawing cartoons for newsletters, creating designs for t-shirts or drawing and painting. Much of this was left alone during my advanced medical training years in New Zealand and Australia and it was only after some coaxing from friends and family that I decided to open a cartoon website. The name tauindex seemed the obvious choice as it is a measurement used in Cardiology. I am currently based in Queensland, Australia after taking up a Cardiology consultant post.

Artists and cartoonists who have influenced me would have to be those from “Mad” comics and just about any comic I could get my hands on…

Please feel free to email me with any ideas for cartoons or your requests to use my cartoons.